Most of our trips are focused on the Eel and Smith River systems.  Coastal Steelhead fishing is subject to volatile storm systems and rapidly changing conditions. As a result, there are times when these rivers are too low or high to fish.  If you book a trip, we will do everything in our power to make a day--sometimes this means driving a few hours to find better conditions (as far north as the Umpqua system).  We will always be upfront with what is happening and what we think will happen. Coastal Steelhead trips include all necessary equipment, flies, etc. 


After catching my first steelhead on the Trinity River, I knew immediately that this fish would change my life.  The obsession was instantaneous.  Feeling the fight of a steelhead 170 miles from saltwater made me consider: what are these fish capable of when you are catching them on the day's tide, breathing in the salty air? To find out, I set off downriver, flyfishing deep into the tidal waters of the western United States.  I have been rewarded with many encounters with these tail-walking acrobats. Well over a decade later, my obsession with steelhead, and now Salmon, has only intensified. With each passing season, I have explored new river systems from California to the Canadian border and met many shiny friends along the way.  I would like to show you what my obsession is all about.